Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry Team

Richard F. Neustaedter

Richard is our award-winning Master Hand Engraver and has been in the jewelry business for over 50 years. He is one of the very few people in the world that is an expert in the rare art of hand engraving. He signs the back of every piece he crafts with his initials, RFN, and it is one of the most recognized signatures in the country.

Jacqueline Neustaedter

Jacqueline Neustaedter has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years. She is one of the gemologists at Neustaedter’s, and as an expert jewelry designer has helped take the jewelry you have and make it into the jewelry you want.

“As head buyer, I have enjoyed traveling to many areas of the world seeking unique jewelry of quality with our customers in mind.”

Diana Neustaedter

Diana Neustaedter started in the business when she was eight years old, machine engraving and delivering jobs. She is going on her 35th year in the industry. She has been involved in all aspects of the industry, but specializes in the repair and design area of our business.

“Being Store Manager, I am committed to a high standard of our custom merchandise as well as exceeding customers’ expectations of service and care.”

Eric Swanson

Eric is a veteran in the jewelry industry. He enjoys the science behind our trademarked WOW Diamonds and loves to educate customers on the benefits. Eric is always the first one in and typically the last to leave, his true passion for helping people make one of the biggest purchases of their life when it comes to engagement rings and special anniversary gifts


Cyndi Kelly

Cyndi Kelly is our Accountant here at Neustaedter’s. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. She earned her CPA license in 1993.

“I enjoy working with the customers as well as the numbers!”


Andrew Portman

Andrew developed His interest in jewelry in a 7th grade summer art class with a favorite teacher. He asked if he could show him how to make a ring and a passion for fabrication of jewelry began. He continued making jewelry all through high school. After graduating in 1975 he started his first apprenticeship in 1976 as a benchman. Three years later he worked for a company Downtown doing all their wax work and casting in addition to being taught how to cut rubber molds. He then decided to start his own contract jewelry company doing repair, fabrication and diamond setting. Andy was doing work for 11 stores over a 21 year period. Over the past 6 years he has been the in house jeweler for Neustaedter’s.


Anna McGuinn

Anna is our newest team member. She has a passion for the industry and has had some experience working at the bench. She enjoys working with customers as well as her team members. Anna’s goal one day is to become a full-time bench jeweler.