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Lab Grown Diamonds are created using carbon, time and pressure: the very same ingredients as traditionally mined diamonds. We often use the example of a rose grown in a garden, compared to a rose grown in a greenhouse. Both roses are the same. Only the environment is different.

Looking at them through a jeweler’s high powered microscope, all you will see is sparkling brilliance, because they are physically, chemically and optically the same. The naked eye cannot discern a mined diamond from a lab-created diamond, because there is no “difference” to see.

At Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry we hand select our lab-grown diamonds in exactly the same way we choose our mined diamonds. We look for the same features, and with the same scrutiny and care.

♦ Lab Grown Diamonds have exceptionally high quality and purity
♦ Only the top 2% of earth-mined diamonds can compare
♦ Identical in composition, hardness, brilliance and physical appearance to mined diamonds
♦ Cut and polished the same as a mined diamond
♦ Environmentally eco friendly and conflict free

Lab Grown Diamonds

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