Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry is an “old fashioned family jewelry store”, which is a new thing these days!

We have one store and we focus on providing our customers with a no pressure, comfortable environment. We don’t look at people as sales, but as part of our family, and focus on building lifetime relationships where we can share your special moments with you. Our staff are all professionals with at least twenty years of experience each. We provide a relaxed environment to help you create that unique piece that expresses your feelings for that special someone at that wonderful event.

Our motto is “Where honesty and Integrity Meet”, and that is the motivating factor we live by. Unfortunately, these days, most of the staff in the retail environment look at their job as just that, a job, a paycheck. For us at Neustaedter’s, jewelry is a passion and a career. We do this because it’s fun and we love it. This is why we have long-time  St. Louis jewelry customers who just come by to visit, and talk. They love the environment. Come in and experience the difference for yourself.

We Are True St. Louis Jewelers

These days it is hard to know who to trust. The vast majority of our customers are referrals. We don’t advertise a lot but prefer to let our work and reputation speak for us. We have many third generation customers who come in from out of town to do their special shopping, because they wouldn’t go anywhere else. We are true jewelers, that can accomplish almost anything in store.

With an in-house jeweler with over thirty years of jewelry experience, you don’t have to worry about your jewelry being shipped to some other unknown location to have work done. It all stays right here until you come to pick it up. Most mall stores send their repairs and custom work offsite, sometimes out of state where it gets worked on with dozens of other stores jobs.

Our Reputation is Everything to Us

This is how pieces come back and are not the right pieces, with people under the impression that their diamonds have been ” switched”. The mistake may not have been intentional, but the result is the same, you are not guaranteed that the piece is yours.

At Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelers, we have one jeweler working on one piece at a time, giving each piece their full attention. Our quality is unparalleled because we feel everything that leaves our store represents us. Our reputation means everything to us.

These days you hear an amazing amount of advertising on the radio and TV from other jewelry stores. Has it ever bothered you that no matter what station you turn to, you hear the same ads? Think about how much money they are spending on all of that air time. Do you know where that money comes from? It comes from the customers pockets, so the more advertising they do, the more you end up paying. Again we let our customers be the best testimony to the service and quality they get at Neustaedter’s. This gets you a better quality product at a lower price. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Richard Neustaedter started his business in 1960 in Saint Louis, and has been doing the same family oriented, hometown jeweler craftsmanship since. He is a true St. Louis jeweler. We invite you to  come in and see the difference for yourself!