Grandfather’s Signet Ring Restored

We’ve been getting a lot of jewelry in that’s been passed down from one generation to the next. This signet ring had been passed down from a grandfather— and, with Richard Neustaedter’s master hand engraving skills, we were able to make it even better than it was before. It’ll last now for even more generations to come.

Posted by Neustaedter's Jewelers on Friday, February 28, 2020


Master Hand Engraving – Richard Neustaedter

This day and age, things like this are being, they’re not being taken advantage of, because people don’t know where to go to have them done. Well, that’s right. Well, we buffed it and there was engraving on there. That was that was hardly visible. So what I did is we buffed that because it was worn so bad and then I re-drew all these lines and then carved all these individuals. So it’ll last for.

It looks like a brand new ring now. Yeah, I said, wait a minute, that’s not my ring. Actually what I did. I improved on all this engraving because the other was great but it wasn’t done with this type of quality. That’s all individual cuts are layered in there.

A True Master of His Art

Richard Neustaedter is one of the few remaining master hand engravers in the country. His work and his style are widely celebrated. Each design begins with a drawing. From there he creates a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. As this skill becomes more and more rare, his creations become more and more valuable. Each item he engraves is unique, personal and becomes instantly collectible. Check out this video about this St. Louis jewelry master craftsman and his art.