From Christmas through Mother’s Day, consumers are inundated with gift giving advertisements. Many of these are filled with “limited time offers” and other enticements. Are you thinking about buying a piece of jewelry? If so, do you know what you’re really paying for?

If you’re unsure, the team at Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry wants you to know about the skill, the experience and the “heart” that’s included with every single jewelry purchase.

Quality Selection

Neustaedter’s offers their customers the very best. When you are buying jewelry from Neustaedter’s, you are buying some of the nicest jewelry in St. Louis. Everything sold from the Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry Showroom is hand picked by the experienced eyes of Head Buyer Jacqueline Neustaedter.

Because the business is privately owned, Neustaedter’s is not obligated or contracted to sell any jewelry they don’t want to. They can carefully select each piece of jewelry they sell. They can also choose what designers they carry, based on criteria developed from decades of success and experience in the fine jewelry business.

So when you are buying jewelry at Neustaedter’s, you aren’t limited to a particular necklace that’s being promoted that year, or to a dozen styles chosen by a buyer from the other side of the country. Jacqueline Neustaedter buys jewelry with her customers in mind. Neustaedter’s Fine Showroom is filled with a generous selection of quality jewelry, every day of the the week.

Stellar Customer Service Delivered by Experienced, Professional Jewelers

In addition to quality selection, Neustaedter’s is known for some of the very best customer service in St. Louis, Mo. At Neustaedter’s, their goal isn’t to convince you to buy what they have. Their goal is to help you find what you really want.

Richard Neustaedter believes every piece of jewelry sold tells a story in a person’s life. Whether it’s a diamond ring for a pending engagement, a string of pearls for a college graduation, a new watch after landing the first big job, or maybe something small to lovingly mark a private achievement; whatever the occasion, the team at Neustaedter’s wants it to be perfectly punctuated.

If you know exactly what you are shopping for, then a jewelry purchase can be a quick and efficient transaction. But if you aren’t sure, if you want to hear about different styles and metals and stones before you decide, then Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry is exactly where you need to be.

Bring in a drawing, or a picture on your phone of something that inspired you. Then let one of their professional jewelry designers get to work on your ring. If they don’t have it in the store, ordering is always an option.


Onsite Jewelry Design

Something else they offer with every jewelry purchase is a commitment to making sure your selection perfectly marks your special occasion. So If, for whatever reason, you can’t find what you have in mind, don’t worry. The team at Neustaedter’s will make it for you. It sounds so easy, but there are only a handful of jewelry stores in Missouri who can offer that service. Neustaedter’s has a variety of stones and settings from which to choose. Feel free to stop by and speak with a designer if you have questions, or want to know more about the process.

Master Hand Engraving

Richard Neustaedter is known around the country for his Master Hand Engraving. No two pieces he creates are exactly alike. If you are looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind gift, consider a hand-engraved piece designed by Richard Neustaedter. Additionally, Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry has a team of people who are skilled and experienced in jewelry design. There is always someone knowledgeable and available to assist you or answer your questions.

Onsite Jewelry Sizing and Repair

Because accidents happen, sometimes things break. It’s not uncommon for a piece of jewelry to need repair. Jewelry also needs regular maintenance. Like a car or a beautiful piece of art, jewelry needs to be cleaned and checked periodically, as a way of protecting your investment. So when you are buying jewelry, think about where you might take it for regular maintenance.

At Neustaedter’s you can bring your jewelry back home to be cleaned and repaired, if necessary. They do all their own cleaning, sizing and repairs onsite. You can leave your jewelry and pick it up later, or you can stay and visit while they work. Their reputation for skilled sizing and repair is so respected, many St. Louis jewelry stores send their customer repair work to Neustaedter’s.

“Many employees of other jewelry stores shop at Neustaedter’s because of the quality of the jewelry,” Eric Swanson, expert jeweler at Neustaedter’s.”


Lastly, when buying jewelry at Neustaedter’s, know that your purchase comes with a guarantee, proudly printed on the front page of the website. But they don’t only guarantee the jewelry, they also guarantee you’ll enjoy a unique jewelry buying experience. Shopping at a chain retail store is very different than visiting your family jeweler. Check out their glowing Google Reviews and read what other customers are saying about Neustaedter’s.

The team at Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry will do their very best to treat every customer fairly, to care for and protect your jewelry as if it was their own, and to serve each customer in a way they would want to be served. The Neustaedter team believes integrity, honorable business practices, and the way they do business still matters. And that’s why they tuck all that carefully into every little purple box that leaves the store.