At Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry, we proudly carry both mined and lab-grown diamonds. Customers are often confused about the difference, so we wanted to answer some of your questions about Pure Grown Diamonds™.

What Are Pure Grown Diamonds™?

Pure Grown Diamonds™ are genuine, Type IIa diamonds with the same composition and properties as natural diamonds. When you select Pure Grown Diamonds™ you pay less for a bigger diamond of the same quality. This difference in price reflects the difference in production cost, not a difference in quality.

Lab-Grown diamonds are created using special technology that replicates the conditions under which rough diamonds are formed. The rough diamonds are then cut and polished using the same tools and techniques used to cut earth-mined diamonds.

How Long Have Pure Grown Diamonds™ Been Around?

The first commercially successful lab-grown diamond was produced in 1954. The science was replicated and the industrial diamond industry was born. Lab-Grown diamonds have been used commercially in industry and science. The technology has continued to develop. Only in recent years has the production of gem-quality diamonds been achieved.

How Are Pure Grown Diamonds™ Made?

The production cycle of lab-grown diamonds takes about 10-12 weeks. The diamonds then must be cut, polished and certified. Generally, it takes about nine months from beginning until the time it is mounted.

“Pure Grown Diamonds™ are graded by leading Gemological institutes and admired by anyone seeking a truly beautiful, environmentally and socially responsible diamond of the highest quality, purity and rarity.”

What is Conflict-Free?

The origin of Pure Grown Diamonds™ is 100% guaranteed. The diamonds are produced at PGD growing facilities, so buyers can be assured of their diamond origin. Buyers can feel sure their diamonds come from a clean, safe indoor lab.

Pure Grown Diamonds™ also ensures workers who grow your diamonds are paid a fair working wage and that they work in an environment that maintains high standards for health and safety.

How Is the Price Determined?

The price of a lab-grown diamond and the price of an earth-mined diamond are all the result of a price index-rapaport which is followed universally.

However, because these diamonds are gown in a much more efficient manner, they are available to the consumer at a difference of 30-35%.


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Posted by Neustaedter's Jewelers on Thursday, November 15, 2018