Father’s Day gifts used to pale in comparison with the presents showered on moms. But that’s a trend that’s beginning to change. This years, Americans will spend a record $16 billion on Father’s Day gifts, according to the National Retail Federation, in a survey released this week ahead of the June 16 holiday. That figure has grown 70%, or $6.6 billion over the last decade.

Here are a few suggestions from Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry, if you want to bump up your gift-giving game.


In the fast-paced, mass-produced society we live in, watches still represent style, innovation, branding, and some of the very best craftsmanship available anywhere in the world.

When you think about it, a wristwatch is a little bit of an engineering marvel. Watches are operated by hundreds of minuscule parts, some of which are very difficult to manipulate. Watch repair is a special craft where some craftsmen can trace their skills back to watchmakers from centuries ago.

Watches are often passed down from generation to generation, because they are an extension of the personality, style and uniqueness of the owner.

If well cared for, fine watches can continue to run for a very long time. Many watches from the early 20th century for example, are still running and are highly sought after on the vintage market.

Today, the wrist watch may seem outdated and inconvenient. Cell phones have certainly replaced the function of a watch. But a watch is so much more than just a functional tool. A wristwatch is an element of style and elegance. It’s a reminder of your own personal style that you wear every day. It’s a piece of fine jewelry that is appropriate for any occasion. It is an investment that will almost certainly outlive you. And when you pass it on, it becomes an heirloom.

At Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry, we take watches we take wristwatches and timepieces very seriously. We carry a wide assortment of fine wristwatches for men (and women). In addition to the best jewelry repair in St. Louis, Mo., we also offer fine watch repair and maintenance

Master Hand Engraving

This Father’s Day, you may choose to have your gift engraved. When you have your jewelry engraved by Richard Neustaedter, it becomes a collectible as soon as it leaves the store. There are only a handful of Master Hand Engravers left in the country and Richard Neustaedter is one of the best. Click here to learn more about Master Hand Engraving and the craftsmanship behind this skill. Just about anything in our store can be engraved. Check with our fine jewelry experts if you have questions.


We offer a variety of bracelets with cleans lines and bold designs that are sleek and masculine.

Tie Bars

Help dad “suit up” with a handsome, classic tie bar. Choose one with an ornate design, or add your own engraving.

Key Chains

A hand engraved key chain is another great way to give your dad a style upgrade. Add his monogram, a favorite Bible verse, or a special message.

Americans will spend a lot of money this month, in search of the perfect gift for dad. Of course, what really makes any gift “priceless,” is the time and thought that went into it. Everyone loves a gift that shows how well two people know each other, reflects a personal statement, or celebrates a special memory. That’s what makes Master Hand Engraving so special. It beautifully carves your memory into metal, preserving it forever.

If you need help choosing a gift, stop by our fine jewelry showroom and tell us about your dad. We’ll love hearing about him. That’s what having a family jeweler is all about.