“Elegance that fits comfortably for a lifetime.”

Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry is proud to be the first in St. Louis to offer flexible bands.

These high quality flexible bands feature unique technology that allows your ring to expand up to one and a half sizes, so it will always fit comfortably.

Changes in the environment can cause changes to our hands. Temperature, humidity, what we eat and drink, how much we move, as well as many different health conditions can affect a person’s ring size. Now there is a ring that can accommodate the subtle fluctuations caused by the world around us. 

“It is mesmerizing, to think that on your finger it just looks like a regular hard band. When I put it on my finger, you would never know. It moves, it’s flexible, it expands. It’s new technology and we’re so happy to be able to offer it from Neustaedter’s.” Jacqueline Neustaedter

A flexible band can be a great solution for an athlete or someone with a really active lifestyle. Mothers-to-be might also choose a flexible band that could be worn throughout their pregnancy. 

If you thought you had to give up wearing jewelry because of arthritis or other health conditions, a flexible band is something to consider. 

Available in round and half-round styles, in sizes from a half carat to four carats; lifetime warranty. In addition to diamonds, these flexible bands come with genuine rubies, emeralds or sapphires. Contact us for pricing on gemstones and additional sizes. 

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