Not surprisingly, the Christmas season is one of the most popular times to get engaged. This time of year is filled with so many opportunities to create a truly memorable holiday proposal. If you’re looking for a way to mark the day with a little extra pizzazz, we have a few ideas for you. 

Surprise Delivery

Whether the engagement involves the surprise homecoming of a service member, an unexpected visit to a teacher’s classroom, or an impromptu proposal in the middle of a Christmas celebration, it’s the timing that will make your proposal special. Think about the places that are special to the two of you. Consider incorporating the memories you’ve already made by revisiting a place that is full of memories.

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Posted by Neustaedter's Jewelers on Thursday, November 15, 2018

Props to You!

Ready to write your love across the sky? A public declaration of love is hard to beat. You might arrange to propose at a live sporting event, or through the PA system at a park or skating rink. A homemade sign or prop can also be a fun way to tell the world you’re ready to commit. Who knows! Your self-designed declaration might become a family heirloom for the next generation.

Trim the Tree

This classic holiday proposal never gets old. Consider adding a little extra bling to your Christmas tree with a solitaire tied to a branch or  ornament. 

Begin your tree-trimming session with the right music and maybe a glass of wine. When the tree is finished, stand back to admire your handiwork. Ask your love to place that one, final, special ornament on the tree, as you get down on one knee.

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A Night in the City

The bright lights of the city are the perfect backdrop for any cosmopolitan couple. The buzz, the crisp weather, people rushing about all contribute to the city sparkle. Book a nice restaurant and maybe a show. Then, under the mistletoe or as carollers begin to sing, pop the question.

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