Nicole Barr Jewelry


Celebrate the hobbies, interests and personal taste of the woman in your life with a gift from Nicole Barr Jewelry. This special brand offers a wide assortment of designs, gemstones and materials that are both beautiful and affordable.

Some, like the floral and bridal collections, are soft and romantic. Others, like the Ocean Treasures or Nature collections feature brightly colored fish, butterflies, birds, seashells and more. As gorgeous as these pieces are to view here, they’re even more beautiful in person.

The Nicole Barr collection truly does have something for everyone and can be worn on any occasion. 

Following the tradition of Latique and Faberge, this unique brand specializes in the rare art form of fired-glass enameling of gold and sterling silver jewelry, set with diamonds and gemstones.

Vibrant colors, rare quality of workmanship and original designs are what make this brand so unique. The artists work with hard-fired vitreous enamel, which is painstakingly applied to sterling silver or 18k gold.

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Nicole Barr FAQ


Why Do You Enamel Onto 18K Gold?

On lower karat gold, like 9k, the enamel will react with the alloys. Enameling is possible on 14k, but Master Enamellers like Nicole Barr and others choose 18k to create the most beautiful lasting colors you’ll see in this rare and beautiful art form.

Why is Your Silver Jewelry Rhodium Plated?

Rhodium is used by fine jewelers to plate sterling silver, as it prevents tarnishing and provides a bright reflective finish. It’s is a precious hard metal in the platinum family of metals. We rhodium plate all of our silver jewelry and cufflinks when a white metal finish is required.

What is Hard Fired or Vitreous Enamel?

The artists at Nicole Barr use hard fired vitreous enamel for most of the jewelry and cufflinks, whether 925 silver or 18k gold. Fired enamel is powdered glass that has been fired in a kiln at temperatures up to 1450°F which melts the glass into a liquid. As it cools, it becomes a solid piece of color, like the panes in a stained glass window which never change color or fade. Jewelers like Faberge and Lalique use vitreous enamel.

Is it Fragile?

Although it is durable like glass, it will also crack like glass if abused. However, in our 30 years’ experience selling enamel jewelry, this problem rarely occurs. A jewelry care leaflet is included with each piece of Nicole Barr. All jewelry should be handled carefully.

Is it Nickel Free?

This jewelry meets the current standards for Nickel content as set by the EU.

Are Nicole Barr Diamonds Conflict-Free?

Yes. Just like our Pure Grown Diamonds, Nicole Barr diamonds are also conflict-free. This brand complies with the Kimberley Process for purchase of non-conflict diamonds.

Is All Nicole Barr Jewelry Ethically Produced?

Yes. Nicole Barr jewelry is an American owned and managed facility located in Thailand. The company is committed to providing fair wages and working hours, health care, training and a comfortable, safe environment where each person has the opportunity to reach their best potential. 

It’s always a good day when our Nicole Barr Jewelry representative visits our Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry Showroom.

This coastal collection couldn’t have come at a better time. With summer vacation just around the corner, these pieces will be perfect for anything from beach vacations to backyard barbecues. 

  • Hard Crafted
  • Fire Enameled
  • Nature Inspired 
  • Genuine Gemstones
  • Unbelievable Prices

Hope you can come in and see the pieces we’ve ordered. What we don’t have we can order for you.

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