Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelers offers the best fine jewelry repair services in St. Louis. In fact, our services are so sought after that Neustaedter’s does jewelry repair work for many other St. Louis jewelry stores as well.

Our owner, Richard Neustaedter, often jokes, “We’re the jewelry store other jewelry stores don’t want you to know about.”

That’s why we recommend having your jewelry checked at least once per year, more frequently if it’s jewelry you wear every day. Just like a fine automobile, fine jewelry also needs regular care and maintenance.

Regular Cleaning Can Help Prevent Damage

First, it’s so important that your rings and fine jewelry are kept clean. Dirty jewelry that isn’t maintained can be a safe haven for bacteria which could eventually lead to skin irritation, allergies, and complete discoloration and degradation of the metals. Gemstones can also be damaged from excess dirt and debris.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to protect your engagement ring and wedding band from the daily grime that accumulates on the surface of your jewelry. Dirt and dust settle on the surface and in the tiny crevices, taking away some of the sparkle and shine.

Why Cleaning is Important

That’s why it’s important to have your jewelry professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The risks of damaging your jewelry are far less with regular professional cleanings. This is also a great opportunity to ensure that your mounting is secure and your jewelry is in good shape. At Neustaedter’s, we use materials, tools, and knowledge and experience to care for your jewelry.

Wearing jewelry with damaged or worn prongs can lead to the heartbreaking loss of a gem. A loose diamond can, over time, cut through the prongs and fall out of the setting. A dirty or weak clasp may cause you to lose an entire necklace or pendant. Once we have properly cleaned and inspected your jewelry, it will be as good as new.

St. Louis Jewelry Repair

Sometimes, even with regular cleaning and careful storage, jewelry can sustain damage.

When you’re shopping for the best St. Louis jewelry repair, look no further than Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry. The cleaning and repair services we offer require a certain level of skill and experience. But jewelry repair is also about the care we extend to you, our customer, and to your jewelry. Check out this Google review and see what others say about our jewelry repair service.

“First of all I would like to say Mr. Neustaedter and his staff were very welcoming and nice. From the time I walked in till the time I left they were very attentive to what I needed and very pleasant to have a conversation with. I brought in my wife’s engagement ring that I bought from them 15 years ago. The ring was badly damaged from work we had been doing on our house. The gentleman I was speaking with I believe his name was Eric said they could fix it but it would probably take a week. I was more than happy to wait a week to get it fixed. To my surprise two days later I got a call saying the ring was ready. I returned the next day to get the ring. The job they did on the repair was absolutely amazing!!! The ring looked as good if not better than the day I bought it. I will never go anywhere else for jewelry. Neustaedter’s is top notch! Thank you guys for help.”


At Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelers, our professionally equipped facility, master jewelers and exceptional customer service all come together to provide the very best jewelry repair in St. Louis, Mo. Contact us if you have questions about jewelry repair or cleaning. Or stop by our fine jewelry showroom at Big Bend and Dougherty Ferry Rd.