Mom’s know a lot about rings.

There are the rings under their eyes from all the sleep deprivation new moms experience with newborns and hours of nursery rhymes like “Ring Around the Rosey” that entertained you as a toddler. There is ring around the collar that comes with the daily loads of family laundry. Moms also deal with bathtub rings after bathing dirty kids after hours of playing outside all day. There was a doorbell ring when your friends came to play. And maybe even a “ring” of truth if you were in trouble. 

So this year on Mother’s Day, instead of dirty laundry sleepless nights, give mom a ring she will love. 

A ring is a great gift for any occasion, including Mother’s Day, and should reflect the personality of the person wearing it.

Because we know fine jewelry tastes can vary, we offer a wide variety of rings your mom will cherish for years to come.

Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry has an impressive selection of beautiful rings for Mother’s Day in a wide selection of prices.

This means you’ll be able to find the right Mother’s Day ring that’s perfect for the mom in your life.

Just talk to any of our fine jewelry experts and they can make suggestions in a price range fits your budget.

Also, remember she can bring her ring back after Mother’s Day for exact sizing. At Neustaedter’s we offer onsite jewelry sizing and repair. Your mom can even make arrangements to have her ring sized while she waits.

Here are just a few ideas about Mother’s Day rings for mom.

Colored Gemstones

If your mom loves fashion, she might like a gemstone ring in a spicy shade of orange or coral. “Living Coral” was chosen as Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year. Warm colors like red, orange, olive green, dark mustard and chocolate brown are trending in 2019. 


Stackable Bands

Even though stacking is about creativity and self-expression, there are a few general rules to make sure you get the look you’re going for.

Most advise not stacking bands with too many contrasting colors. However, we’ve seen mothers purchase stackable bands with different gems, each one representing the birthstone of a child. This is a beautiful look and a different take on some of the more traditional mother’s jewelry.

While fashion rules are made to be broken, generally speaking, look for bands with same shapes, flowers, textures or metals, to keep the ring from looking too busy or confusing.

Alternatively you can stack all the rings on one finger, or wear one ring on each finger instead of two. If you wear two beautiful rings on the index finger and one small one on the wedding finger, it creates a more elegant look as compared to having rings on all fingers.

Balance is important. Although stacking rings and bracelets are trending right now, try to balance the look of the entire hand and wrist. If you have too many accessories on your hand, keep the rings to a minimum.

Right Hand Rings

Moms of grown children are enjoying a whole new phase of life. Without children to take care of, they have more time to pick up a new hobby, travel, entertain, or take on new responsibilities at work. They may have calendars filled with social events. 

If this sounds like your mom, a right hand ring might be the right Mother’s Day ring this year.  Almost any ring can be worn on the right hand. There is no prescribed style. The only requirement is that your mom loves it. The ring could be simple in design, appropriate for everyday wear. Or the right Mother’s Day ring for your mom might be more of a statement piece for special occasions. 

Your mom invested years of her life in you. She poured love, time and attention into you. Any ring that says “Thank you, I understand and appreciate what you did,” is the right Mother’s Day ring for your mom. 

Make Something Old, Something New Again

Bringing a vintage piece back to life is a wonderful gesture. Being able to wear a family heirloom that belonged to mom or grandmother is like having a piece of them with you. If you would like to celebrate Mother’s Day by passing down a ring, or by giving a vintage piece of jewelry, the experienced staff at Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry can make that happen.

Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry is one of the few true jewelry stores in the St. Louis area. Many other jewelry retail establishments send their pieces to Neustaedter’s to be sized, cleaned or repaired. Richard Neustaedter often jokes, “We are the jewelry store other stores don’t want you to know about.” It’s true. 

So before you box up your grandmother’s gemstone, we suggest bringing it to the store for a cleaning and inspection. It’s not uncommon for the prongs on a setting to get caught on clothing, or damaged during everyday wear. The expertly trained eyes of the Neustaedter’s team can advise you of any concerns and repair any damage. They can also clean it so it looks brand new. 

Now in its third generation, the Neustaedter’s name is synonymous with artistry, skill and dependability. It’s a reputation that has been built one customer, one transaction, one repair, one ring sizing at a time. 

There are no better hands for your vintage jewelry, than those at Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry.

If your estate piece has been sitting in a drawer for a few years or longer, you might also consider requesting an appraisal on your ring, while we are cleaning and repairing it.

Don’t Forget Dog Moms

National Dog Mom’s Day, Saturday, May 11

In additional to the traditional Mother’s Day celebrations, dog mommas get their own special day too.

Like human children, our dogs are our family members. Whether we adopt them as puppies, or take them in as aging adults, we build connections and bonds with them. They enrich our lives in a way that only pet owners can understand. 

At Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry, we operate a very pet-friendly business. We invite our customers to bring their pets with them when they shop. We want to get to know their pets, just like we know their children. That’s part of what being a family business is all about. 

We also hold a special event each year to support our local shelters. So we love the idea of National Dog Mom’s Day!

Fun Ways to Deliver the Goods

Once you’ve found the right Mother’s Day ring, you can make the moment even more memorable with a creative delivery. Here are a few ideas:

Scavenger Hunt – Present mom with a card containing the first clue. Create clues that pertain to special moments in your childhood.

Special Delivery – Deliver your special ring on the collar of the family dog or from the hands of a young child. 

Accidental Discovery – Use a piece of ribbon to attach your gift to something mom loves and uses every day, like a hairbrush or coffee cup.

Your Favorite Place – Another idea might be to deliver mom’s gift at a place already rich with memories, like the family camping spot or her favorite coffee shop.