Fifty years in the St. Louis jewelry business is a milestone few jewelry companies ever achieve. It reflects the commitment and stability of our business. It also demonstrates our ability to adapt to the ups and downs of the economy over the last five decades.

We are proud, longtime, St. Louis jewelry business owners. That statement is so meaningful to us. We have seen so much grow and change in St. Louis, and we have grown right along with it.

Our Traditions

And yet, there are some things about our business that haven’t changed. The way we take care of our customers, our family atmosphere, and the vast experience of our fine jewelry experts have remained a constant through the years.

We believe these things set us apart from other jewelry stores. Here is a list of what we think makes us unique in the St. Louis jewelry industry.

What Makes Us Unique?

What makes Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelers special in the St. Louis jewelry business? All of our work is performed onsite, by a master jeweler. That means your precious family treasures are never ” shipped” to another unknown location. We focus on one piece at a time, giving each job the attention and time it deserves. It never leaves our St. Louis store. At Neustaedter’s there is no production line environment, where things could get misplaced.

Family Owned St. Louis Jewelry Store

We are a St. Louis family-owned business. Every sale is personal to us. Over time, our customer relationships have been passed down through families, in some cases three or four generations. These traditions are the building blocks of our business. And these customers are like family members to us. We know most of our customers by name, and have been a part of celebrating their special occasions for many years.


At Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelers, the employees who handle your jewelry have decades of experience. We only employ professionally trained and experienced jewelers. Even our youngest employee has grown up in the jewelry business. We have the most state-of-the-art, current technology on the premises. This allows us to offer services that cannot be accomplished at a chain store.

Excellent Customer Service

The staff at Neustaedter’s are experienced jewelry professionals and can answer your questions while you are in the store.

  • We don’t ship your jewelry anywhere for an estimate.
  • We can answer your questions and make recommendations in real time.
  • We don’t have to wait for an expert opinion. We “are” the experts.

Top of the Line Gemscopes and Equipment

Have you ever seen your diamond under a Gemscope? We have the very best microscopes on site. We enjoy sharing the details on your piece with you, so you can see exactly what we are describing. You get to see your diamond at the time of drop off and pick up. Our shop has all of the state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, so we can get it in good enough shape so you can see all of the details.

Onsite Jewelry Cleaning and Repair

Of course it will be cleaner after pick up, but you will know this diamond, sapphire, ruby is Your piece. We are more than happy to look at the family heirlooms to let you know what is “real” and costume. Even if your piece was not purchased here, our professional staff will be happy to thoroughly clean and check it for you while you wait.

If the item needs work, we can almost always give you an accurate estimate while you are in the store. There is never any pressure, just a sincere desire to help you with that special piece.


We offer professional appraisals on site. Again, we give you all of the details you need to guarantee your treasure is adequately covered by your insurance company. And if they need more information, we are available to answer their questions. Let us show you the difference!

What’s Next For This St. Louis Jewelry Business?

At Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelers, we are dedicated to building upon the success of the last 50 years. We will continue delivering the quality and uncompromising service that has become synonymous with the Neustaedter name. We thank you, our valued customers, for making our St. Louis jewelry business extraordinary.